Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Covenant
The traditional Jews of today are living somewhat in the Old Covenant. How they “atone” for sins is strictly a humanist view. They believe through prayer, morals and observance of tradition they can enter heaven. There is no more sacrifice of animals. Both the Old and New Testament say the same thing - the need for blood to be a sacrifice for sin. A few hundred years of man’s tradition can erode the truth of God’s word. Obviously in scripture God is going to make a new covenant with the Jews, so why are they stuck in the old testament? They didn’t understand the day of visitation. Jesus rebuked the multitude for discerning the time in which they lived. The Jews in the wilderness were the same way. God told them before it happened that He would send manna from heaven to nourish them on the journey. How could they miss it? What was the first thing out of their mouth when they saw the bread in the morning dew? They said, “Man-na? What is this?” The same thing happened with Jesus. The Messiah’s coming was foretold for centuries! What was the first thing out of their mouth? “Who is this? Isn’t this Joseph’s son, the carpenter?” They kept asking for a sign out of heaven. Jesus had to tell them like little school children...
“ I tell you, Moses didn’t give you the Bread from heaven, but it is my father who gives you the true heavenly bread. For the bread of life is He Who comes down out of heaven and gives life to the world... I Am the Bread of Life.”
( John 6:32-35)
We are to be bread from heaven to the world and to the Jews. Their eyes are blind from the reading of Moses, but opened at the revelation of Jesus the Messiah.


  1. You know, even today we often miss the signs--not only the Jews!

    This is a good post to meditate upon.

  2. Russell,

    Bless you for giving me the eyes to see the situation the Jews face. I often find that as Gentiles, we are faced with the most difficult of circumstances. Thank you for allowing me to see "all" of us, continue to struggle daily for understanding and to do the right thing in our hearts.

    Blessings ~ Kat